The perfect dress watch

That’s how I thought about this watch the first day after a few hours of wearing it.
Of course, when it comes to my requirements, because for someone else the ideal will look completely different. Time has verified the first feelings a bit, but we’ll go on to that in a moment.
Since I used to wear a business suit at work, I had several approaches to his alternatives – specifically 4.
4 watches that were supposed to fulfill the suit watch function didn’t get a chance even in the form of one day spent on the wrist. Well, he’s not light …
This Epos was supposed to change this state for longer. I liked the model itself for a long time, watching photos on the internet I felt that it will be the one that will satisfy my very demanding requirements. Until I found an advertisement on the Polish sales platform, the price was large but the watch was supposed to be like new. As for the price, I managed to get along with the seller but the watch for “as new” was missing … (he had numerous scratches on the case and the strap was worn out so much that when I wore the watch on the second day, the strap sprang up and the watch fell from my hand! Fortunately, I have good reflexes and I was able to absorb the fall by pulling my leg so that it would fall on the slipper, not on the hard floor 😉), but this is the case for purchases on this Polish platform. I would order a strap anyway and i polished case by myself with the cloths that Polpora gave us during our visit at their headquarters (very similar to Cape Cod). So the watch stayed with me, I wear it and thanks to that I can now share with you my feelings about this model.

Epos – Watch by Bogusław Linda

This actor is the ambassador of the brand, therefore he appears in the pictures with watches and signs his name on banners. Every time I watched Epos watches, I had in front of the eyes of Bogusław Linda sitting in a chair – not that it was something bad, I like Mr. Bogusław 😊 Epos brand is often incorrectly positioned in our company with Certina, Tissot and Atlantic, but it is a shelf above-mentioned brands – this is also reflected in the price of watches. New Epos 3390 can be bought in Polish stores for around 3500-5000 PLN.
Is it worth it? Hmmm … I’m curious myself, let’s find out 😊

The Box

Cardboard packaging in which there is a small, simple, wooden casket with a cushion. The casket is made very solidly, the wood is varnished and it feels in the hands that it weighs as much as it should.


I think this is the thing that i  like in this watch the most. The stainless steel case has a width of 41mm without crown and a thickness of 8mm, it is completely polished and on the sides has cross-grooved elements which, along with long lugs, make the watch very similar to old Art Deco watches. It is through these long, little curved lugs that the watch has 50mm lug to lug, which when it comes to my wrist is a bit too much for a suit watch.

Art Deco climate also gives the watch multi-level bezel and lugs. There is also a crown in the shape of flattened onion and telescopes in the form of screws screwed in the lugs – in general the case is incredibly coherent, everything is as it should be, it has a lot of flavor that we discover after a closer look on it, such as a slightly bulging case in the place where the crown is. The crown itself is embedded in the hollow of this bulge.

The case is so designed that although it is only 8mm thick it looks as if it was thicker. This is the opposite effect to what we will see in most watch suits, they usually pretend to be thinner than they really are. For me, this is its big advantage, thanks to which the watch looks more masculine and at the same time easily falls under the cuff of the shirt because it is thinner than most even smaller-looking dress watches in this budget.


Epos is equipped with an automatic ETA 2892 A2 movement – it is a high-end mechanism used in many much more expensive watches and also in watches of brands that have in-hous movements such as Omega. The werk, which is mounted on 21 stones, has approx. 42 hours of power reserve and works with a frequency of 28,800 swings per hour. It has a stop second and can be handwinded with crown. Its biggest advantage is its thickness! Because the movement is only 3.6mm thick, it’s thanks to him that the whole watch can be so thin. The mechanism itself can be seen through a glass case back and, as an automatic movement, it is even interesting – it is generously decorated with pearles, geneva stripes and thermally colored screws.


A lot of work has been done in the design of the dial, as in the design of the case. It is very difficult to describe it with words … let’s begin with the fact that the dial is white, from the central part to the place where the indexes are superimposed the dial has a structure of rounded, short grooves (or waves) expanding towards the indices. Association that I think looking at itr is a graphics card windmill (yes, I have something with computer science 😉) This unusual grooving causes that under the influence of changing the light the dial looks like it’s moving – the windmill starts to work. Approximately, there is a blue manufacturer’s logo between the center of the dial and the end on the upper part, and automatic on the bottom.

Above the 6 o’clock index is a date window – this window has no frame but it is also not a simple hole in the dial, – the dial is cut at an angle so that the transition to the hole is very delicate. On the occasion of the time stamp is also unfortunately the first problem – the notch is too long from the bottom side, i.e. the number up ends perfectly where the window but the window is longer and in addition to the digit you can also see the end of the date ring and what is below. The easiest way is to see what’s going on in the picture.

Next, in the zone in which the indexes are located, the dial is simply grooved along this zone, the groove is shallower and you can not see it at first glance – you can see them only when you look closely at the dial. Hourly indices in the form of blue superimposed Roman numerals look great – they beautifully shimmer in the sun and clearly stand out above the dial even though they are not high. The very fact that they are in a place where the dial has a different structure and is deeply impressed already makes a great impression. I have never liked dials with painted indices and most of the suit watches with indices in the form of Roman numerals have such painted indices. Here it is different – the hourly indexes in this watch are just perfect 😊

In the completely external part of the watch, the dial again returns to the structure of rounded, deeper grooves, but they are already so large in this place that they look like a different texture than a part closer to the center. On this external part there are minute indices in the form of blue painted lines. Interestingly, in the range of minutes 15 to 22, for some reason, the minute hand doesn’t hit indices, although it was set well during the hour setting and in the other time ranges it goes perfectly – I don’t know if the minute indices in this section are badly painted or is from something else but the fact is that this is another mistake of this watch. It bothered me a bit at first but over time I stopped paying attention to it, such an unusual drawback.

Shape of hands work well with the whole watch, hands are darker than the indices and don’t reflect so  much light. Minute and hour hands in the center have a luminescent mass thanks to which, along with luma dots for hourly indices can indicate the hour when it gets dark.
The watch from the top closes flat sapphire glass with an internal antireflective that shimmering at various angles in blue.

Case Back

The case back of the watch is a steel rim with glass showing the movement in the inner part. On this hoop there is information about the waterproofness of the watch (50m) of materials from which it was made, etc. A cool accent is the fact that the  case back is attached to 4 screws – again it is an element that harmonizes with the design of the whole watch 😊 Good job!


As I mentioned before, the original strap of this watch has fallen into my hands and the one you can admire in the pictures is the work of the forum colleague Gienek_mkb (instagram: mateusz.aka.gienek_mkb) whom I greet warmly 😊 The strap was made to order, according to my guidelines – it is thickened with telescopes and maximally thin at the fastening so that it does not add millimeters from the bottom of the wrist. The leather is soft and smells good and the stitching presents a really professional level. I didn’t hit a little with the color of the leather I chose but I already got used to it and probably it fits my watch.


Answering the question of whether it is worth it, my answer is – definitely yes.
This is a very nice watch, it has everything you need for a dress watch – it’s thin, has a white dial and classic indices, but is still interesting and unusual. The dial when you look at it makes a great impression, and I really like almost everything in it.
Unfortunately, however, it’s not perfect … in any case, not for me. The lugs in this watch are very long and by the way the watches are arranged on my wrist (not in the middle, just twisting on one of the sides) they stick out from one side.
And for some reason, it does not stir up any more emotions. I always knew that a suit watch would be a nightmare for me and in the first moment of communing with this Epose I was already thinking “if the time of my anguish came to an end”, unfortunately my hopes were burning because after a few days I just stopped admiring.
However, I owe it to him that it is possible … to create an automatic real- dress looking watch , at an affordable price. The only thing I have to do now is to look further in the hope that in the end I will find a model in which I will fall in love forever 😊

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