Aquatico Horizon Hawk – a budget pilot watch with which you will dive into the depths

The last few months have been extremely fruitful for the manufacturer from China. After the successful models that Konrad and I tested recently, it’s time for the latest version of the pilot watch, which surprises with its form and water resistance.

Aquatico Horizon Hawk is available in three colors. However, I was most intrigued by the version with a dial made of blue avanturine. The inclusion of a stone dial seems to be a bold step away from the purism that characterizes pilot watches.

Is it worth spending $359 on this unusual watch? I will try to answer this question through my short review.


The case is an example of a typical aviation watch. Laco watches have a similar style – one of the few companies that has survived to this day and whose watches were worn by Luftwaffe pilots. The width of the case without the crown is 43 mm, of which the diameter of the bezel is 42 millimeters. It would seem that this would make the Aquatico Horizon Hawk watch look large, but optically it looks slightly smaller than the Hamilton Interstellar once reviewed here. The thickness of the case is 13 millimeters, although it includes the sapphire glass, which is extended by almost 1 mm. I think this is a good move, because every time you uncontrollably touch the bezel to a wall or other object, it will not affect its appearance.

The length of the case including the lugs is 50 mm, which is quite a large value, and the lugs are quite well profiled, so the watch fits well to the wrist.

On the right side of the case there is a large crown, which is an inherent element of a Pilot watch. The crown is screwed down, and the sealing system on it and the other elements of the case makes the watch waterproof up to 300M! This is really a lot if we look at the waterproofness of “pilot watches” from other manufacturers. We usually find watches of this type with a water resistance of 30-100M. Therefore, the value of 300M can be considered fantastic.

The crown on the Aquatico Horizon Hawk does its job perfectly and can be easily worn with gloves on.

The bottom of the watch is closed by a transparent cover, through which we can watch the operation of the Seiko NH-35 movement with the company’s rotor mounted.


The dial, or rather the material from which it is made, is the most controversial element of the watch in the Horizon Hawk model. This is due to the assumption that a pilot watch should have a black, usually matte dial, so that its readability is extremely good. The designers at Aquatico decided to go crazy and used a blue avanturine dial to produce the Horizon Hawk model, which makes the dial shimmer as if sprinkled with glitter. Ever since Balticus Stardust appeared on my wrist, I have become a fan of this type of solution. In my opinion, dial in this case does not lose its readability, and the shimmering surface somehow breaks the boring pattern.

The use of the Swiss-made SuperLuminova BGW-9, which was placed on the dial in the form of indices and which hands are filled with, also deserves applause. Luma “catches” light quite quickly and gives it back for quite a long time. After illuminating the dial in the evening, you can easily read the time in the morning in complete darkness.

There is a date window at “3” o’clock. Watch purists believe that this is unnecessary in aviator’s watches, but it doesn’t bother me, and I’m actually glad that a place for it was found in the dial, because I often use the date complication on a daily basis. If I were designing the Horizon Hawk, I would be tempted to install a date display with a black background and a white number. I think this solution would look better, but this is just my opinion.


The bracelet in the Aquatico Horizon Hawk watch is made really well. The only thing I would change is to make it more tapered. When connected to the case, its width is 22 millimeters, while at the clasp it’s 20 millimeters wide. I think that in this case it could have been narrowed to 18 millimeters. Then the comfort of wearing the watch would be even greater.

The butterfly clasp has a laser engraved manufacturer’s name and a 4-hole micro-adjustment, which allows you to perfectly adjust the length of the bracelet to the wrist circumference. Typical adjustment is made by adding or subtracting a link. Unfortunately, to shorten the bracelet we will need a pin extractor. We must be careful when shortening the bracelet, because in addition to the pins connecting the links, there are also locking sleeves inside the links.


The leather strap that comes with the watch really positively surprised me. The brown leather outside was sewn with beige thread, while the inside of the belt is black and was sewn with a thin black thread.

The strap is very soft, so it fits perfectly on the wrist. It’s also tapered, like the bracelet, to 20 mm. A large buckle, signed with the manufacturer’s name, helps you quickly put the watch on and take it off your wrist.

In my opinion, the Aquatico Horizon Hawk on the strap takes on a slightly more military style.


We have written about Seiko NH-35 movements here many times, so there is no point in writing more. The watch’s movement is adjusted so that I have no objections whatsoever, and the daily deviation does not exceed +6 seconds.


This is another Aquatico watch whose review we are publishing on our blog. And once again we received a very good quality product with a really good price-quality ratio.

Aquatico Horizon Hawk is a very interesting alternative for people who are looking for an aviation-style watch, but also count on a little bit of madness – in this case in the form of an aventurine dial.

It is also worth remembering about the high water resistance, practically unheard of in this type of watches from the competition.

Is it worth spending $359 on it? Without a doubt yes! Especially since the manufacturer often offers discounts of up to 40% on the retail price on its website.


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