It was a spontaneous trip. A few messages listed on the facebook and suddenly we found ourselves with Konrad at the Xicorr headquarters. Probably every watch geek tried on, or saw watches of this brand in magazines and on the internet. I had the watch of this company myself and was really happy with the watch itself and the customer’s approach from the company when I wanted to replace the 125p Fiat ring with another one. The boys did for a medal!
Since then, my little watch dream was to visit them on the spot.
It was nice to talk with Adam, who is the creator and boss of Xicorr Watches. Taking the opportunity, we asked him to choose a model that we could review. Adam went to the wardrobe and pulled out a new model, which is the prototype of Warsaw 200.
I am very pleased to introduce you to a short review of this watch.
Now we’ll begin…


The case is completely round, made ofbrushedstainless steel.The first thing I noticed was the lugs.They protrude from the center of the case, between the case back and the bezel.They are bent downward so that the watch sits perfectly on the wrist.The size of the strap in the ears is 22mm.The height of the case is 12mm.This is a lot, if we take notice of the width of the case without a crown, amounting to42mm.

The case is completely round and its shape refers to the speedometer in Warsaw 200.Attentionis alsodrawnby the crown, which is placedbetween 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock.In my opinion, this is a good solution, similar to the one used in the Air Blue Papa Praesto watch.The way the crown is placed removes thepossibility of sticking it into the wrist.From the front side, the case closes with sapphire glass with an internal anti-reflective coating.

The case back is full, with a beautiful engraving of Warsaw 200, from a wide angle, which gives the impression that the car is about to leave  In addition, on the back we can also find information on: waterproofness, which is 100m, the manufacturer’s logo, the type of mechanism used , model name, type of glass and metal that the watch is made of. In my copy the case back was flat, without markings, because it is a pre-production model but we took a picture of the finished case back during a visit in Warsaw 


The most important element of the entire watch is the dial.It’s multi-level.Let’s start from the top.From the inside of the bezel there is a ring with a second scale. Below there is another level, this time with an hourly scale.The manufacturer has used a sandwich-type dial .It consists of two disks – the lower one covered with Luminova C-1 and the upper one with index recesses.Cut out indices explicitly refer to the font that we could find in the speedometer of Warsaw 200. At the bottom we find information that the watch was made in Poland.

Let’s move to the center of the dial and at the same time its lowest level.Even a layman will notice that he refers directly to the car.The visible grill of the car has been quite faithfully reproduced and it is the strongest point related to the similarity of the watch and the car.The upper part shows the inscription 200, below is the manufacturer’s logo and information on the type of mechanism.

The hour and minute hands of the watch are silver, filled with a luma. The second is black and its tip is white, which contrasts quite strongly with the hand itself and the dial. Although there is a lot going on the dial, there’s no problem reading the time .
In my opinion, the dial is the strongest point of this watch.By the way, I’d like to see what it would look like made of steel.Can you imagine a steel grill in the middle? Cool for me!


In Warsaw 200, the well-known and well-liked Seiko NH35 movement was used.Movement on 24 jewels.For 3 weeks of wear and rotation in the rotomate the deviation was about 4 seconds per day.This is a very good result, confirming Adam’s words about the regulation of every movement leaving his studio.


The strap issilicone, very pleasant to the touch.It is sewn with a thread in the color of the dial.As I am a bracelet supporter and all my watches land on them, I went a bit skeptical about the strap.However, I quickly verified its quality and comfort of wearing.I practically did not feel anything on my wrist.The leather belt will also be included in the set.


At the very beginning I did not feel chemistry between me and Warsaw 200 . The watch, or rather its round case, is not my style. Round and high, it’s not what turns me on. However, the longer it stayed on my wrist, the more we liked each other. It also made an impression on my colleagues – not only because they saw the watch on the strap for the first time, on my wrist – but also because of the color and texture of the dial.
If you are a fan of motorization and want your watch to stand out from the crowd, in my opinion Warsaw 200 is a watch for you. At a very good price you get a movement that will not let you down, sapphire glass with anti-reflective, which is really hard to scratch and the model of the watch, which directly refers to the history of Polish motorization.
I would like to thank Adam once again, for the fact that without a moment’s thought he lent me a pre-production copy for testing .
Probably you ask yourselves whether i woud buy this watch. My answer is NO. Why? Because although the performance of the watch is at a high level, its design is completely different than the watches that I prefer. But I will definitely come back to Fiat 125p 


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