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So the time has come for me.

Today I will share with you   my first review of the watch. I think it’s a good time for a debut because the watch I became the owner is not widely known and I think it’s worth being interested in the brand as well as the model I present. Because before buying it was hard for me to find anything about this watch, I decided to make it easier for other interested in future.

On the occasion of the introduction, I would like to thank Tomasz for performing this amazing photo session which so beautifully supplements the substantive content of this review. Tomek – hats off, there were so many great photos that I had a big problem with choosing which ones to put here …

Now lets begin.


Microbrand, but not so ordinary.

The Tourby company was founded in 2007 by Erdal Yildiz so basically for the watch industry it is a very young company. Tourby offers watches manufactured by hand to the customer’s order, which gives many possibilities to modify the appearance of the watch in every aspect (from changes in the case and dial through modifications and decorating the mechanism up to the strap buckle) they write about themselves that they will take every task, here I will not elaborate, their watches made under special orders make a really great impression. I recommend going to their website to the custom made tab. This is a real watchporn for the geeks of this art. Below is a small demonstration of their possibilities:

The purchase of the watch was motivated by the birth of a son and because it is the thing I want to give to him or his son when I do not need it anymore, it had to meet a few basic requirements – it had to be blue, have a reliable and popular mechanism, was to be made in the most durable components and be special in some way …


To the point.

The watch that this review concerns is a diver – Tourby Lawless Dark Blue version 42mm. This model in a limited version of 50pcs. with the Eta 2824-2 Top Grade mechanism costs 1650 Euro, because my already tightly stretched budget did not let me spend so much, I decided to order the unlimited version with the standard ETA 2824-2 for 1450 Euro. I know what you think, but the case back is steel so the mechanism can not be seen anyway and I can handle that my piece have no limitation, you can say that mine is even more unique because I’m probably the only one that has this watch at the moment without limitation. You know, it’s almost 1000 PLN, but for Western Europe the 200euro difference is really not much.

The price includes already basic modifications such as the selection of hands, case finishing method etc. I am sure that you could order this watch with a bezel from a different version – eg black ceramic, or with an case without a crown cover.
The watch came to me after 25 days from the order. The big box of DHL made an impression, probably no-one would have thought that there could be only one watch inside … and in fact it was not just watch …


And here the first surprise – the watch came in a solidly made wooden box which in the middle is covered with white eco leatcher (as was the information in the description of the watch but somehow I did not expect something like that), it looks very elegant and it is immediately known that we have to dealing with a small piece of art. Nice lady when i was ordering the watch asked me about the size of the wrist and the bracelet was immediately matched to my hand. The first impression in a plus.

The Case

The case has a diameter of 42mm and a height of 13mm, it doesn’t narrow in any place, so the watch looks big, on my 18cm the wrist lies perfectly but on the smaller it could be too big. Probably its thickness results   from the waterproofness of the watch which is quite impressive – 500m.

The case at the front and bottom is brushed and on the sides its polished, the lace covers are completely polished. Both finishes have been made very good and there are no flaws, the transition between one and the other is perfect, the place where the case is folded at one angle looks polished, and at other looks brushed – you can see that they know how to do it well.


The lugs are drilled – I personally do not pay attention to it and I dont care if the watches have drilled lugs or not, it easier the replacement of the strap but also without it its not a difficult thing.

The crown – it’s ok. It’s signed and its shape is fits with the whole of the watch. It’s unscrewing very easily and I have no comments about its work or the quality of workmanship.


As I wrote before,  in the middle sits ETA 2824-2. The movement is well adjusted because on average it does + 2s a day. I can’t say nothing more about the movement because the case back is steel and I did not open the watch.



The bezel is great! Sapphire bezel in dark blue was one of the main thing that decided on the choice of this watch and here my expectations are met 100%. It  attracts all attention in the first moment when you looks at his watch.

Yes, you see well … I don’t know how Tourby did it but the bezel is like a mirror, and because of that – gets the color from the surroundings in which it is located, thanks to this bezel presents a whole palette of blue to black – when I go under the cloudy sky its steel-blue color and under the trees it becomes black. Because it is sapphire and the height is practically on a par with the crystal, the whole watch looks very noble.

It’s very hard to put it in words and “noble” is the only thing that comes to my mind when I look at this watch, the point is that the bezel reflects the light in the same way as the crystal (which is basically logical because they are made of the same material) and at times the watch looks like  it practically had no bezel, but it is made entirely of a dial in two colors. It is the most elegant diver I could ever imagine.

Tourby is in the process of making a 40mm version of this watch which in addition to the smaller diameter of the case will also be thinner – 11.8mm and if anyone would ever force me to put a divider on a suit, I would choose this watch.


Bezel has 120 clicks and rotates counter-clockwise. His work is ok, but because it is low and works hard it would be difficult to rotate it underwater if it even be possible in a glove – for me it does not make any difference, I will not dive with it anyway but for someone it may be important.

The Dial

Here I could write for a very long time.

The dial at first glance looks ordinary, especialy that bezel attracts attention the most, but because I wear this watch for some time almost every day, I have already learned its capabilities.

Tourby writes on their site that dials for them is preparing one of the best factories in Germany, and now I know thah they are not just bragging,

The dial is dark blue with the sunburst effect, which is obviously shimmering in the sun, but this effect is weaker than in other watches with this type of dial – and very well because in combination with a sapphire bezel it would make a disco of this watch.

I spent a lot of time on this paragraph and  I was wondering a few days how to put it in words and to be honest … i can’t. The dial just have something … Something that sometimes shows itself – for example, when I walk with a child for a walk, I look at dial in the time I’m going from the shadows to the sun and there it is … I have to even stop because of that . I have not seen it yet like this- she is beautiful! I’m smiling to myself, I’m going on, I’m looking again … now it looks quite ordinary – dark blue with a slight sunburst effect.

To be able to describe it, I would probably have not to move my hand at a given moment, pull out the phone and quickly write down what I see because the photo has no chance to capture it.

The applied white-colored indices are simply perfect, in combination with the navy-blue dial they look at a sharp angle like boats floating on the lake on a moonlit night (yes, looking at a sharp angle you can see them on the dial like a boat reflection on water at night). In the middle are filled with luminescent mass in white and it is so color-matched that luma on hands and indexes does not give the impression of plastic as I often see in other watches. Seriously, I had Orient Star WZ0071DJ, it’s a great watch with a beautiful dial but the hands in this model looked like a bazaar ones for 2 $ just because of the lume that made them look like plastic.
Perhaps I am too demanding, but do watches are not all about details? 🙂
I like this inconspicuous dial, because thanks to it I like to look at it, looking for more details. 

The watch has a date at 6 o’clock, it is very modest and it’s white numbers on a black background which makes it hard to see at all, basically in everyday use I see It’s only when I wonder which day is it. It’s a simple thing, and yet there are so many companies that can not do it properly and place white date stamps on dark dials.

There was choice between sword hands or a completely straight hands and white or red second hand, I choose the first in combination with the red second hand.
The hands are made as perfectly as indexes, the hour hand is set so low that it looks like glued to the dial, if it was a bit longer it would hook on the indexes, the seat and counterweight of the second hand are matte black.
The second hand is long enough –   (this is important to me, I do not like watches with a short second hand) and in the middle of its length there is a luma, it is in such a place that in the dark when only the lumens light is visible, its tip perfectly meets the tip of the index. Ah these details …

Luma shines very brightly and over time its lightly weakens, however, I can read the hour easy until  the morning.

The crystal is slightly doomed and is covered with a blue antireflex on the inside. In this price it is an absolute standard so I mention it only to make the review complete.


The case back

Before I write anything, you have to see it …

The case back was another major factor that pushed me to choose this watch. As you know, I was looking for something special for the birth of my son, something I could give to him or his son after 50 years and what will somehow stand out from the whole mass of other watches. Watch companies can survive or not, there is a lot of fake famous brands that are already difficult to distinguish from the original and after 50 years it will be impossible but this case back will always be amazing. Imagine that you get a grandfather’s watch with a case back like that, a little discolored, dirty, scratched and in a given vintage time !!

The embossing is large, very deep and clear, the texture looks like satin.

The case back itself is screwed down and the edges are polished with engraved inscriptions such as brand, model, waterproof, glass type.



Screwed bracelet with full links just like the case is brushed from the top and bottom and on the sides is polished – it’s good because I do not like shiny bracelets and if it was polished from above it would ruin the whole watch.
It is very comfortable and I like the fact that it narrows from 22mm to 18 – it visually looks just very nice and in addition improves the comfort of wearing (does not block the wrist when bending  down).

The clasp is a standard latch with micro-adjustment – it is very solid, after snapping it does not feel any slackness, it is signed on the outside with the name and Tourby logo.
The bracelet seems to be quite resistant to scratches because after 2 weeks of everyday use it still looks like new.

At the beginning of the review I wanted to write here that I would change the endlinks to those where the breaks in the middle would be sharper – they would make the impression more suited to the bracelet, but after a while I found that the oryginal ones  are more in line with the case and fit  this watch perfectly.


A small summary

I do not regret a single $ spent on this watch, it is a very consistent and complete project,   I even like the name of this model. I can not imagine that it would be made better. Choosing the watch “forever” was very difficult and during those few months since the birth of my son, many watches passed through my hands, I am sure after a few weeks of use that I choosed well, because say it yourself – have you ever seen something like that?

And certainly it will not be the last Tourby in my little collection.

I’m always tempted by Lawless in the Vintage version and if it went out in a 40mm case I don’t know if I would be able to stop myself. I know – it’s a very similar watch, but if all their watches are made on such a high level, I’m inclined to have only Tourby watches in my box.




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  1. Nice review, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this watch. I am interested in the 40mm version – a bit more expensive than I would have like but the bezel and sunburst dial do indeed look great.


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