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Today, for a change, the subject of my review will be a chronograph, and quite unusual because with a manual winding and an case made of bronze 😉 While bronze divers are currently often on the market now and still comes new models, the same can’t be said about watches with chronograph function. I saw this watch some time ago for sale in the KMZiZ forum , I didn’t have the funds to buy it and friend from forum did’nt want to trade it for another watch. The watch was bought by someone else – “ok, there will be an opportunity,” I thought. And finally appeared on another foreign forum, the way I like it the most – used 😊 What happened next, you know … history always ends with the mailman or courier bringing a package with the watch (thankfully, so far I have not got a situation yet that the pack with the watch went missing). What was the first impression when I opened the package? My wife said with delight “this is the prettiest watch of all that you had at all … are there the same for womens?”. But she doesn’t see what I do, so do not get happy too much … because also this time it wasn’t without flaws 😉

TC-9 – a microbrand from UK specializing in copper and bronze watches

Tc-9 has released 11 models of watches so far … 9 of them have bronze or copper cases. Interestingly, they don’t use the standard bronze alloy CuSn8 but another, more red one. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anywhere the information about it, it probably is a closely guarded secret 😉 this model differs from what has previously presented this microbrand – against the background of raw, simple divers and aviation watches looks like Smurfette in the smurf village … one , beautiful, delicate lady in group of ugly guys😊

The Box

The box looks like a thick, elegant pencil case. It is fastened with a zipper and in the middle there is a place for 2 watches separated by a spacer. Of course, it is properly lined with a soft lining. My wife, on the occasion of the admiration of the watch, also said that the box is the coolest of all that went through my hands. And there is something in it … the box is very practical and does not take up much space. Generally, it is well thought out and looks nice.

The Case

The case has a width of 42mm and height together with a doomed crystal of 14,5mm which is not a large height for a watch with a chronograph function. The distance Lug to Lug is 50mm, we will not find this information from the manufacturer … I don’t know why, but there they only give the width of the case. Thanks to the very bent lugs, it fits very well on the wrist , on my 18cm it lies perfectly.

It’s made of bronze, as I mentioned earlier, the alloy is more red than typically used for the production of CuSn8 watches. My copy has already come in all the patina, and what’s interesting – the patina on this bronze is black. Black is also the crown and pushers of the chronograph (this is the merit of the pvd on these elements). Both pushers and crown work very nicely, the crown is set only for hour and is not screw down so it was not too much to spoil 😉

The effect of patinating this bronze on black is very interesting, because I bought a used watch and it came to me all patinated , to show you how the case looks original, for the session I took with me equipment to remove the patina (ketchup and wet cloth). Unfortunately, in field conditions, I couldn’t do it well and the patina only partially came down from the case …

Fortunately, at home I managed to także off the rest of the patina and I took a photo of the effect after.

From what I’ve noticed, this alloy is patinated at a rapid speed and after a few days the case started to turn black again … It’s good because with patina it looks better and works nicely with black pushers and crown.

Unfortunately, I have the most complaints to the case in this watch … from above it’s like unfinished – its edges are sharp. If you run your finger over the top edge of the case, it feels like it’s just a cut piece of a metal pipe. It would not be a problem because this part of the case has no contact with the skin, if it was not just that it’s visible, you can see that something is wrong with it … it’s unfinished. In addition, when viewed from above, the bezel profile is slightly narrower between the lugs . For the first time I see something like this in my watch, better than a “cut metal pipe” that can not be said.

polishing – where they are, they do not make an impression … although it is masked by the severity and general appearance of the material from which the case is made. Bronze in itself looks very dirty and negligent, so these failures can not be seen at first glance, and even one would think that it was done deliberately.
The case isn’t polished between the lugs in any way – but it’s also not noticeable , especially when the watch is covered with patina.

The watch has a non-rotating telemetry bezel with values ​​expressed in kilometers. The insert of this bezel is ceramic and the indices are filled with luminescent mass. How do we use this? The telemetry scale in the watch allows to determine the distance from a given event with the help of light and sound that we see and hear . If you start the chronograph in a time when we see the light of lightning and stop when you hear the thunder- a seconds hand will point at which the distance from the place where we are is struck by lightning.



The heart of the watch is the Seagull ST-19 (exactly ST1901) – a movement on 19 jevels, with a manual Winding, with a chronograph function equipped in a column wheel . This movement is a modification of the Venus 175 movement. The ST1901 power reserve is 40 hours and the frequency is 6 beats per second. Thats all for dry information … this movement is used in many watches and I have not seen anyone complaining about it yet. Seagull is known for producing good quality movements at an affordable price and this is confirmed by a daily deviation in my copy of + 10s / day. One thing I know for sure … It ‘s just beautiful!

The dial

The cream dial was made very correctly, it is simply smooth in itself , with no additional effects and I admit that I am happy about this fact because I did not expect that the usual cream- colored dial will please me, it’s just nice 😊 . But the silver circular corrugations subdials have good reflective and shimmering colors – it’s an interesting addition that causes the whole dial is not so monotonous. The second hand and the subdials hands are black, the second one has a white luma on a small section . The minute and hour hands are in the color of rose gold, they match the color of the case and the dial, they are very simple in shape, but here is another problem – the minute hand is too long. Due to its length, the minute hand hides the indices and makes it difficult to read the time quickly and correctly. I don’t know for what purpose the minute hand was designed so long but at first it irritated me a bit, later I got used to it a bit but I still see it when I look at my watch.

Hour indices also have a rose gold color .. they are nicely polished and look great on a cream dial . The indices don’t have a luminescent mass. Luma is only on the hands and on the external bezel with a telemetry scale, after exposure the luma shines quite clearly, unfortunately its light quickly weakens and after a few hours you can’t see anything. Lack of lumens on the indices means that they do not interfere with the reading of telemetry indications … in short – if one day I would like to measure distances using a telemetry scale, with this watch it is possible and it will be very readable, but only for a short time after turning off the light 🙂

On the edge of the dial there is a black scale with a minute scale and a tachymeter scale. How is it used? It’s used to calculate the speed of a moving object (eg in kilometers per hour) and so if we start the stopwatch at the moment of moving a given object and stop after passing 1km, the second hand will indicate the speed of the object in kilometers per hour. For example, if it stops at 30 seconds, the object’s speed is 120 km/h. In the same way we can measure smaller distances, but we must remember to keep the right speed ratio and if we measure the distance of 100m, at the moment of stopping the hand at 30 seconds, the tachymeter must be divided by 10, so its speed is .12km / h.

The watch has doomed hessaliteglass.”Oh no!Just no plexi”… and you will think it is because around the plastic glass legend had grown up that whey scratch easy and are problematic. This is not entirely true, yes, the plexiglasglass is easier to scratch than the mineral one, and there is no comparison to the sapphire, but it’s not that after a week or month it will be scratched.Hard scratching of the hesalite glass needs a decent use a few years…but the advantage of such glass is the fact that it is easy to polish and there is no problem with its replacement – my watchmaker buys such glasses by order and change it for PLN 20 (twenty!). For me, the use of such glass in this watch suits the most, the more that together with the dial creates an amazing vintage look.At the moment there are not any scratches on the glass (yes there are some on the case).

The case back

The see through case back is also coated with a black PVD. On its outskirts there is information about the watch. The watch has a wr at 50m so theoretically you could swim with it but I’m not going to check it out. I can confirm that it survived cleaning under the tap, nothing happened so swimming also likely to withstand 😊


Here, the company Tc-9 has did good job – a strap from the well-known producer Horween Leather is soft, comfortable and very well executed. This is a vintage- style leather with a filling inside to make it thicker. It fits the watch very well and wearing it is a pleasure. Its width is 22mm between the lugs and 20mm at the buckle. Buckle is logged and also covered with a black PVD coating so as to add another black flavor to the watch – a good decision 😊


I will keep this watch for longer. I liked him despite some quite serious mistakes. I missed a chronograph and a bronze in my watch collection. Tc-9 Lunarscope meets most of my requirements regarding appearance and I can forgive a few mishaps 😊 On the manufacturer’s website, the watch costs about PLN 2 300 PLN and in my opinion it is worth to be interested in it even more because the mechanical chronograph with an case made of bronze, basically we will not get in that budget. The second thing is its vintage look, the use of an interesting bronze alloy and the fact that the watch is simply nice (although this is a relative concept because everyone likes something else ). Another advantage for me is its mechanism – thanks to ST19, the watch is not as thick as it would be if an automatic Valjoux were sitting inside and finally it is a watch in which the installation of a glass caseback really makes sense 😉


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