A Swiss watch with a Japanese heart. The judgements of watch ADHD are not explored

Straton is a Swiss microbrand, which was created relatively recently, in 2015. Its owner – Kyle Shut is very passionate about the automotive industry, which have an effect in design of watches that he creates. They explicity refers to cars and watches from years ’60 and ‘70.

Straton Syncro – because this is what this review will be about – already got  my attention long time ago. I liked it due to its vintage nature , and inspiration for rally watches from  ‘70.
There was made only few of them, especially  in the automatic version, and automatic chronograph  is what I like the most:) As it usually happens, after a while I found a nice deal on the Polish sale platform. I wrote to the seller and in a way of trade with a small add from my side its now mine 😊



We get a cool leather case from the manufacturer, in which we can find 2 nato straps, a booklet with manual instructions, and a device for changing straps. I did not check the quality of the nato straps because I like to wear watches on bracelets. So that they lie wrapped in foil 🙂


The width of the case without crown is 40mm, and its height is 15 mm. Due to the height, the watch seems at least 1.5mm larger optically when it’s already on the wrist. I admit, I was afraid a little, immediately after the purchase, that it would “disappear” on my 19.5 cm wrist. Nothing like that, however, did not take place, as you can see in the picture below 🙂 Perhaps it is also the merit of the length of the case, which dimension lug to lug is 46mm.

The sides of the case are brushed, and the only polished accent is a milled edge of the case on both sides of the bezel. The quality of the finish is in this watch at a high level. On the right side of the case there are polished pusheres, and a screwed crown signed with the manufacturer’s logo. The upper psuher starts and stops the chronograph indication, while the lower pusher resets the chronograph’s notes. The width of the bracelet between the lugs is designed for 20 mm. The rear part of the watch is closed by a see thru case back, on which circumference we can find information about the waterproofness, reference number, mechanism. Through the glass we can observe the work of the Seiko NE88 movement. The most interesting element of this case is undoubtedly the bezel with a sapphire insert. The scale on it looks like it was taken out of watches from the 70s of the previous century. I was surprised by the work of that bezel. I will say briefly; it beats the work of all the bezels that I had dealt with so far (and there were a lot of them). The indices under the sapphire are coated with SuperLuminowa C3. They glow very well in the dark.
The whole watch is closed with thick, sapphire, slightly doomed glass. It has been covered with an Anti reflective layer from the inside.


As I am a “bracelet man” I have not even unpacked two nato straps, which are an addition from the manufacturer. In my opinion, the watch looks best on the mesh bracelet, which only adds the vintage taste for the whole watch.
The width of the bracelet in the lugs is 20mm as mentioned above. The whole is solidly made; feel it at first contact. The bracelet is very comfortable in everyday wear. At its clasp is the Straton logo. Everyone who wore a watch on a bracelet of this type will confirm that it is comfortable 🙂

Pattini strap – Konrad

I borrowed this watch from Tamek to see if I like it (I was tempted by the size and color of the watch), because contrary to what Tomek says, not everyone will be able to fit the mesh bracelet (I don’t visually like it and I get upset by the cumbersome putting on the watch with the such a bracelet) I decided to buy some nice Rally strap for him. Because for a long time I was tempted by Pattini straps(Tomek „the bracelet man” also had his part in it that he told me several times that he had a Pattini strap and it was great, and praising the strap  is not something that I expected from Tomek😉) but I didn’t have a watch to which I could buy such a strap (yes … only diver’s …) as soon as I saw this Straton I immediately thought about them. Pattini is a Polish company offering straps in which we can choose the right pattern, color and length – this is a great solution because the choice of designs, colors of leather and thread is very large … so big that choosing the right Straton strap took me 2 days …


In fact, being a watch geek it’s hard to come to their website and not order anything. 😊 The possibility of this customization of the strap is very tempting.
The order consists very simply, which for me is a big plus because I do not like simple things are unnecessarily complicated. We only choose the appropriate parameters from the options we develop, we pay and wait … about 2 weeks. It’s been a long time, but it should be remembered that the strap does not just lie in the magazine but it must be specially made and sent for us.
The strap we receive is packed in a nice, longitudinal box in the set there are also spring bars.
The strap itself is very thick, soft and smels nice with real leather. For this watch fits perfectly and only on it in my opinion Straton takes on a true vintage climate. Holes and stitching are made perfectly, the leather on the top and on the bottom is the same, very good quality. I am very happy and I will order a belt from them in the future because at this price it is definitely worth it 😊


Let’s start with an external ring with a tachymetric scale. I will not explain here what is the reading of this scale, because you can check it simply by asking uncle Google. I will just add that the values ​​on the blue ring were printed with white paint and the name TACHYMETER was red.
The dial is silver, made with a sandblasting technique. On the outside, just below the scale of the tachymeter, there is a scale for seconds, thanks to which the chronograph reading will be even more readable. Every 5 minutes, overlapped steel indices were placed, filled with SuperLuminowa C3. The hour and minute hands are silver and the manufacturer uses the same luminescent mass as in the indices on the dial and bezel.

At 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock there are subdialsThe one from “3” is the watch’s second and is independent of the chronograph. However, at the time of “9” there is a subdial, indicating the chronograph’s working minute. Both subdials are blue, and their hands for contrast, the manufacturer painted in orange. Take a look at these subdials and type in the search engine: Tudor Heritage. As you can see, they are heavily inspired by this model. Of course, this is not a hundred percent copy, because the trapezoidal shape of subdials has been reversed by 180 degrees in relation to the said Tudor. The scale on them is also differently designed.
The main hand of the chronograph is also orange, thanks to which it contrasts well with the silver dail and its blue accents. At the bottom of the dial you will find a chronograph word, and at the top a Straton logo. You can accuse the producer that he was very inspired by Tudor, but he did not copy it on a 1: 1 scale.


The watchk has an automatic Seiko NE88 movement. It beats with a frequency of 28 800 beats per hour. It can be manually winded from the crown. It also has a stop-second. It is mounted on 34 stones and its power reserve is over 45 hours. The watch for 2 weeks of observation did not require adjustment through the crown. It is very accurate and the work of the chronograph is smooth. Pushers are more pleasant to use than in watches from Valjoux 7750. In addition, the work of the rotor is also much quieter than in Valjoux. This is my first watch with this mechanism and I think it’s not the last one.

The watch looks really good. I would like to try on his bigger brother, whose width is 44mm, just out of curiosity. For now, I am happy to wear a smaller brother, which is more similar to watches from over 40 years ago. I did not really notice the weak points of this watch. Nay! As I mentioned above, the work of bezel knocked me off my feet. Feel that we are dealing with a high level of performance. An interesting thing is also water resistant, which in this case is 200M! You’ll all agree that when it comes to the chronograph, it’s a lot of value. If the watch hits your taste and you can buy it at a good price, do not hesitate!


A few summary words from Konrad

“small Fat watch” – a few messages about this content I sent to Tomek in the period when I wore this watch 😊 and these 2 words describe it best. Although the workmanship and finishing of the case are at a very high level, and in fact there is nothing to complain about in this watch, and the strap with leather gloves to drive a car would look great – I certainly would not buy it for myself. The silver dial does not talk to me, besides even putting it into a thick strap does not save him in a situation when we look at him from the side … then his real nature is revealed, and it comes out that it is simply “a small fat watch”.

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