Blue side of the King

Blue is one of my favorite colors, which is why I often have watches with a dial in this color on my wrist. I was wondering if there was any point in writing another review of a Rolex that is similar in size to the model I described some time ago. It took me almost a year to decide to review the Datejust 41 model. I realized that this is a completely different watch than the Oyster Perpetual 39 model. An additional stimulus that made me tap my fingers on the keyboard now is the fact that the current model I own from new. In the current Rolex situation, this is a fact that should be mentioned,  as for over 2 years the demand for the brand’s watches has been greater than the supply, which complicates getting your dream watch straight from the showroom. I am one of the lucky ones who waited less than 6 months for the ordered watch. The actual collection of the watch in the salon required prior appointment for a given day and time. During the inspection of the new Rolex and the settlement, the showroom was closed to other customers, which made me feel special in my own way. The dial in the salon lighting seemed quite bright, but seeing the sunburst effect, I was sure that it would change its shade like a chameleon.

How do I rate my Rolex 41 from the perspective of almost a year? You will find out from my review.


For a premium brand watch, the packaging is quite modest. In a cardboard, embossed box you will find a green box with beautifully embossed waves. The upper, opening part is crowned with a golden, three-dimensional brand logo. The inside of the box is lined with a delicate material resembling Alcantara. Inside the top cover there is a compartment for all the documents that we receive with the watch.

The whole gives the impression of a solid product, although it cannot be denied that the packaging of competitors from this price range looks more luxurious.


And here we have the first curiosity. Namely, the width of the case, counted without the crown, is not 41, as the manufacturer informs, but 39.7 millimeters. I don’t know where this difference comes from, but it does not matter to me and I would probably never know about this difference if I had not measured the width of the case of my copy with a caliper just now. The length of the case with the lugs is 47.5 millimeters, which makes the case appear proportionate.

Although the thickness of the case with the glass is 11.7 mm (without the magnifying glass), it can hardly be called thick.

The Rolex Datejust repeatedly landed on my wrist to complement my formal attire, and each time it hid perfectly under the cuff of my shirt.

The case is almost completely polished and only its underside, including the screw-on case back, has not been polished. The 904L steel, from which the case was made, is easily susceptible to catching micro scratches, especially on polished elements. Fortunately, removing them is simple. In just a few minutes, with the Cape Code polishing cloths, we can bring the surface of the case to a perfect condition.

At 3 o’clock there is a screwed down crown signed with a logo in the form of a crown. Despite its small size, it is quite comfortable to operate. The only complaint that I could address is that when it is screwed on, the logotype does not fit like my previous OP39 model – perfectly straight against the case – but the other way around.

Unfortunately, Rolex, even though it has been making watches for almost a hundred years, has not learned this secret trick and whether the logotype will be straight or not is left to chance.

As for the comfort of wearing, the Rolex Datejust 41 is a very comfortable watch and fits perfectly on wrists with a circumference of 16 centimeters upwards. I could compare its wearing comfort to the OP 39 and the Tissot PRX, and they were most comfortable watches I had in my collection.

This model is characterized by a fairly wide, flat bezel. In the more expensive version, we get a fluted bezel made of white gold. The difference in price is considerable, because for the fluted bezel you have to pay about 10,000 PLN at today’s Euro exchange rate.


The blueness of the Rolex Datejust’s dial cannot be summed up in just one word. Its radially polished and varnished structure causes the watch to literally change its face depending on the place where we are at the moment. In full sun and strong artificial light, the dial is blue, but it is enough to turn off the light or hide in the shade and the inky royal blue is spilled on the dial. Every movement of the wrist changes the shade slightly, so I often look at the dial to realize after a while that I have no idea what time it is.

There are 10 rectangular white gold indices on the dial, filled with Chromalight luminescent mass. The same glowing substance was placed in the center of the polished hands. The mass itself shines sensational, although its amount in the hands is not overwhelming, so they shine a little shorter than the indices. Of course, there will be no problem with reading the time in complete darkness a few hours after exposure, but the disproportion in the luminance of individual elements will be the most visible then.

At 12 o’clock there is the famous brand logo.

Above and between the indices there is a printed minute scale in the form of simple dashes and Arabic numerals. All the elements on the dial are perfectly made and we won’t even find any imperfections. It must be admitted that the quality control in the factory is at a high level.

At three o’clock, there is a timestamp window instead of the index. We look at them through a magnifying glass placed on a sapphire glass. While in sports models the lens is a subject of discussion, in the Rolex Datejust is an inseparable element of its character. It significantly improves the visibility of the displayed day of the month, and at the same time also acts as a kind of decoration.

The Datejust model is equipped with sapphire glass, unfortunately the watches in this series do not even have an internal anti-reflective layer. On the one hand, it does not bother you when reading the time, but with the amount of approx. PLN 40,000 one should expect such a banality as – even internal – anti-reflection.


The Datejust has two options when it comes to choosing a bracelet. We can buy a version on a toned oyster bracelet, or we can go crazy and wear it on a jubilee bracelet, which consists of 5 rows of small links. During my visit to the Krakow showroom, I took a close look at two models that were waiting for their owners. One was in the same configuration as mine, and the other in the version with a fluted bezel and a jubilee bracelet. So, together with the seller, we came to the conclusion that the oyster bracelet fits perfectly with the version of the watch with a smooth bezel, while the jubilee version will perfectly match the shimmering white gold bezel. Of course, I also saw a version of the smooth bezel + jubilee bracelet. The watch in this configuration is worn by, among others, the current president of the United States – Joe Biden. As you can see, everything depends on your taste.

Consisting of three rows of links, the oyster bracelet is 20 millimeters at the point of attachment to the case, but narrows to 16 millimeters in width at the point of the clasp. This treatment makes the Rolex Datejust 41 extremely comfortable to wear.

It turns out that the factory length of the Rolex bracelet fits perfectly on my wrist, so I didn’t have to shorten it. Compared to the Rolex OP39 bracelet, this one has the Easylink system, which allows you to instantly increase in size by about 5 millimeters. This is an extremely useful feature because during exercise, the blood vessels dilate and the wrist often increases its circumference.

The outer links have been brushed and the middle links are polished to a high gloss. Unfortunately, the 904L steel I mentioned earlier is very susceptible to catching microcracks. Fortunately, as with the case, it is easy to polish.


The Rolex Datejust 41 is equipped with a 3235 movement. The movement is relatively new. Its premiere took place at the Basel fair in 2017. Compared to its predecessor – 3135, its power reserve has been increased from 48 to 70 hours. Interestingly, this movement is subject to two certifications in terms of gait accuracy. The first is COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute), an external institute that certifies the movements of all watch manufacturers. A watch that meets all COSC standards can be called a chronometer. The 3235 movement is further tested and adjusted by Rolex to be accurate within +/- 2 seconds a day. My copy, carried every other day, alternating with the Panerai PAM1086, has a time deviation of minus 15 seconds per month. This is a very good, not to say, sensational result, although the OP39 model with the 3132 movement measured the time even more accurately. Apart from a slight time deviation, there is not much I can add to the movement. More interesting information about 3235 can be found easily on the Internet.

You can read more about the mechanism here:!QH16Y14gxv!QH16Y14gxvs!QH16Y14GXvs!QH16Y1AAAAQC4A4AAAAAUkLV4oh % 2Brolex


The Rolex Datejust is undoubtedly an icon of watchmaking. The first model of this series was made in 1945. From the 1950s, it acquired the famous loupe that became the trademark of the Rolex Datejust.

According to many fans of the Rolex brand, the fluted bezel is the hallmark of this model, although in the 1960s models with the so-called smooth bezel saw the light of day.

I do not hide that I like the version with a white gold fluted bezel and a bracelet, but on the other hand, the model I currently have seems to be more universal. It’s the perfect everyday watch that can be worn with shorts and a T-shirt, as well as a watch with a more formal outfit, because “it is not afraid of any cuff”. The second and probably the most important argument that spoke in favor of buying a smooth bezel version was the price. Let’s be honest, a surcharge of 10 thousand PLN for a fluted white gold bezel is a considerable amount and you can easily spend it on other whims. What still surprises me after wearing the Datejust for almost a year is its dial. I have not found such a dynamically changing shade of blue in any other watch, and I had a lot of those with a blue dial.

Am I satisfied with my purchase? Definitely! I cannot imagine a more universal, and more prestigious watch model for a price of up to PLN 40,000. Someone will say that the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra is made no worse. And it’s probably hard to disagree, because the level of finish and glass with double-sided anti-reflective glass can make an impression, but the magic of the brand (though probably more marketing) and the legend of the Datejust make this Rolex a more desirable watch.

Will I ever buy a version with a white gold bezel? Probably yes, because my colleagues from the KMZiZ forum are constantly tempting me by uploading photos to the Rolex thread. So far, I am pleased with my king of the modest, two-watch collection.


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