The whole story began on one of the Facebook groups.

Oh, he appeared on the wrist photo . Oh no! Dude is from Leszno! I must see this watch closely.Okay, I’ll write in a comment if he’ll show it to me live. Zero reaction. What a nut!
A month passed, the guy asked about the photos himself. My question was just one – do you still have the Orient Star? You guess , what the answer was? He sold it! He sold it before we met in real life. You guess who this guy was? Well…I’ve had a Star Seeker for a long time and I wanted to compare these two watches.
I decided to buy WZ0071DJ sooner or later. Of course, Konrad has been winding me up all the time, telling me about the dial in superlatives and about the effects with the dual AR.

During that time, I’ve had a lot of watches, until at some point it turned out that I have enough funds for a new watch. It turned out that another friend of facebook group has that watch in perfect condition and although he never staged an offer to sell, I decided to corrupt him : D After a few days the watch was on my wrist and my next  watch little dream came true. But as it sometimes happen – the chasing for watch can be more interesting than possessing him.


An eternal dilemma …

For some, Elvis Presley was the king , and Michael Jackson for the others.
You probably also wondered which model of the Orient brand is better; Star Seeker , or his younger brother with a homely and nothing saying name WZ0071DJ. Have you found no comparison anywhere? We too! That’s why we made them for you and for us.

I invite you to read.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 …

T: And Master, how is comparison? You’ve had watches for two days and you can probably say the same as me. Namely Seeker wins the fight with his younger brother .

K: Well, Tomek, I have to sadden you, but I’m still more convinced to WZ0071DJ, maybe we will discuss these watches step by step, then I will explain it to you in more details?:D

T: I can not wait for what you’ve come up with this time  ;D

K: First of all the case – in my opinion, the quality of the cases in both watches stands on the same – high level, but the shape of the case in WZ0071DJ is more simple and classic, which makes me more appealing. The Seeker case is barrel-shaped, mainly due to the differently routed transition on the lugs and what is this piece of metal with screws between the crowns for? Maybe to open beer?

T: Hahaha ! Who likes. In my opinion, the stage you are writing about is an additional flavor that gives a sporting accent to the whole concept. Imagine that there is an empty space between crowns. And how? I thing,however without expression dont you think? You are right in the fact that the WZ0071DJ looks more classic, but please bear in mind that in the older model, thanks to the additional rotating ring, we can read up to 3 times!

K: Yeah … and how many times have you set these three different times on this watch ? : D In general, how are these 3 time indications read from it?


T: At the beginning I was having fun. I see that a few things about the operation of watches I have to teach you, so I explain what is going on with the 3 zones. As you’ve noticed, the watch has 4 hands. 3 are traditional, and red is an addition in the form of GMT.
You read the normal hour from traditional hands. On the lower dial you have a 24-hour indication, thanks to which you can read the time from the zone that interests you, while turning the crown and changing the position of the red hand. In addition, you can unscrew the top crown and turn the inner bezel to indicate the next time zone you chose. And thats the whole operation. You just need to know when setting what time zones you’re interested in and know the difference time between our area and the other of which relate to indicate

K: Yeah but the red hand reaches this rotating bezel and suggests that you should read the time on it, if it were to be used to read the time on the smaller 24 hour dial it should be shorter dont you think? Maybe now I will tell you clearly to what I was going – the watch is unreadable , in 071 everything is transparent and even a layman will know what’s going on. 😉

T: It’s just an impression. I never had the slightest problem reading the time in this model. Perhaps it is thanks to the excellent indices that shine on every occasion of incidence of light. Just! Have you noticed the difference in the level of indices craftsmanship? It is true that the newer model uses the method of partial brushing indices, which does not change the fact that the Seeker corrugated surface looks better and is at an outstanding level. In addition, the edges of these indices in Seeker are in my opinion better finished …

K: You never had a problem because you never had to read 3 different hours in it: D Regarding indices, I have to agree, the quality of their craftsmanship in Seeker is sensational and you can see it even with naked eye that 071 have no chance at this point. The plus of 071 is that indices do not reflect as much as in Seeker – seriously, because Seeker has a worse antireflex , in addition with these indices after entering into the sun it literally blinding and you can’t read time  from it ! Now, maybe you can speak about the antireflective coating and dials you slyboots : D


T: As for the dial, they are so different that it’s hard to compare and evaluate which one is better. On th Seeker dial lots is happening. While the dial in WZ0071DJ is more subdued, there is no multi-level, though its striped pattern is doing really great impression. In addition, multiple layers of paint and varnish make it look juicy, going from deep black to blue ink. One and the other dial has its charm and here I would consider it a draw.
The anti-reflective in Seeker is good and strong, but only internal. WZ0071DJ has an internal and external layer, which is an Orient patent and its called SAR. This is probably the world’s best anti-reflective coating, which reduces light reflection by 99.9 percent, and is much more resistant to stratch than its Swiss counterparts. I think that thanks to this the watch takes on character and became a very look for model.

K: Tomek , I would like to note that the shield in WZ0071DJ is also multi-level – the power reserve indicator has the form of a hollow in the dial and it was placed as it should be at 12.00, and I will not agree that there is a draw in the dials, the black dial with the sunburst effect has half of the watches on the market and what they did in 071 with a dial is a world champion, the dial together with a double anti – reflective coating makes the watch live can dump you from slippers- and that’s why it became a look for model . 071 is a great EDC watch, classic and at the same time unique – very versatile in use, you can wear it both to shirt and sweater or blouse and Seeker fits what? 😉

T: And Seeker fits every outfit. It has a sporty character, but I would not be afraid of it in combination with a jacket. It has worse AR. Now, Teddy, tell everyone how much SAR and elegance is worth in your 071 in PLN terms.

K: Well, WZ071DJ is 2 times more expensive than Seeker – you have to spend around 4 000 PLN to buy it, and you can have a new Seeker for less than PLN 2,000 . But you will see that this 071 will be an iconic watch when all new ones disappear from the market and this will happen soon because there are less and less and the Orient does not produce this model anymore.

T: Until now cult can be called Seeker , which offers quality at a brilliant level, and at the same time is affordable. If these two models were at a similar price level, I would give the young brother a win, but the price is of great importance here, because around 4000 PLN you can buy many other cool watches. For me, the winner of this match is Orient Star Seeker , which in the amount of up to 2000 PLN has no competition. And he will stay with me for longer in my watch journey.





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  1. Thanks for a very enjoyable comparison review, that was fun to read. I just randomly stumbled upon a sale thread for a WZ0071DJ on a forum, found that the watch looked absolutely amazing and landed here after a quick G search. Quite amazing craftsmanship in this model I must admit.

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