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Old flame…

It all started with the first pictures on the forum. I looked at the pictures of this watch with bated breath. I was caught in his sporty claw, and the mesmerizing dial on which a lot happens, but there is no overgrown form.

Orient Star SDJ00001B0, because I’m talking about it – known to everyone as Orient Star Seeker GMT – became my favorite watch in the collection. How did this happen? I will tell you about that in a moment.

The watch flew to me from the USA. It is an interesting country where people earn a lot more money, and watches there cost a lot less than in Poland

He came to me after a week of adventure at airports and many WERs. It was packed in double, well-made boxes. The first cardboard, and  the main box made of something similar to the leather.

I decided to present it piece by piece.

Let’s start then


The width of the case without crown is 41.5 mm, and its height is 14 mm.
I don’t know, how the engineers did it, but the height looks more like 12 mm. The sides of the case are brushed, and the edges of the lugs, bezel and crowns are polished, which gives a beautiful effect.
Especially the edges of the lugs and their polished surface in the accompaniment of the brushed surface of the sides and the lugs themselves reminds me of the zaratsu technique, known from the higher line of Seiko watches.

The quality of the case finish is  at the highest level.
There are two crowns on the right side of the case. The upper crown is used to set the time, date and GMT tips, as well as hand winding.
The second one, the lower crown – screwed – is used to change the inner ring with a 24-hour scale. Between the crowns, there is an element fastened with two screws, which perfectly complements the space between the previously mentioned crowns, thus giving it a sporty character.

The attachment of the bracelet between the lugs is designed at 21 mm, which optically slightly enlarges the case and thanks to that the watch looks good both on the small and large wrist.

The rear part of the watch is closed by a see through case back, on the circumference of which we can find information about the waterproofness, country of origin and reference number.


The width of the bracelet in the lugs is the above-mentioned 21 mm. The whole strap is solidly made; you can feel it at first contact. It is brushed, but through its middle links goes two polished lines parallel to each other, which in my opinion fits very well with the polished-brushed case. The bracelet is very comfortable in everyday wear. On its clasp is the OS logo. It has micro-adjustment, which allows us to quickly and easily shorten and extend to 1 cm.


The dial

We’ve come to what Tigers like the best 🙂  The dial … and here you can fall into rapture. I just hold this watch in my hand and I think how to describe the dial … OK, I’ll try.

Imagine the pitch-black. Black, in which at a certaing angle you can see hands  that look like in the mirror.
There are another shades of black, but more about it later. Let us deal with its central part, where the source of all hands is beating. Around this part of the dial is a 24-hour scale, at the bottom is the OS logo, along with the word ORIENT STAR AUTOMATIC GMT.

The inscription of GMT is red, which refers to the hand of this complication in this watch.
Above there is an applied scale with numbers from 0-40, thanks to which we can read the level of the power reserve. The hand is below this scale as well as below the entire central part of the dial. It goes below its level, which makes an amazing impression of multilevelness.



Add to this another level, with laser cut and corrugated indices, known from several Grand Seiko (!) Models (the corrugation can only be seen under the microscope).

On the right side is a window with a date, which is enclosed in a steel, polished frame.
The next level is the scale with seconds and minutes. At every hour, above the applied index, there are dots of a luma, which despite of its small amount luminate quite intensively and for a long time.

The last level and part of the dial is a rotating ring, with a 24-hour scale, thanks to which we can set and read the third time. The ring is more matte than the previous levels of the dial. I like the fact that a lot is happening when looking at the dial, but everything has been designed so that the reading of the time indication does not cause even slightest problem. This is largely contribution to hands that are polished, openwork, filled with a lume – the same as the one above the indices – although their first part is empty. A power reserve indicator and a red GMT time indicator got the lume as well. The best effect that the whole dial gives, can be seen in full sun. Then the dial comes alive with this space, indices and hands.

The sapphire crystal that cover this work has been coated with an anti-reflective inner coating. It takes the exam, although it is far from the outer one used in GS, Signature Citizens and some Orient Star models.


The watch uses an automatic, in-haus movement, Orient caliber 40P50, working on 22  jevels. It beats at 21 600 beats per hour. It can be hand windes from the crown. It also has a stop-second.

It is not one of the most beautiful, but Orient has already got used us to it.
I have not noticed any big deviations for over a year of use. They are – / + 5 seconds per day, which can be considered a very good result. I think that it would be even better if adjust it, although for me the deviations are at an acceptable level.

We’ve reached the end of the review. I hope you read it well. In stores, the watch costs about 1000-1200 $. It is much cheaper to buy it on eBay, where you will buy it for arround 550$ with fees, which means that I can’t see competition for it at this price. A perfect finish with a touch of extravagance, and at a price like this … If you ever wondered whether to buy it, I’ll tell you … buy it and you will not regret it …



  1. You didn’t review the most important thing about this watch: how does the GMT function work? Is it a true GMT, with an independent bi-directional jumping hour hand, or is it a fake GMT, with a jumping GMT hand?

    1. It’s an Office GMT, not like Rolex GMT Master II that can jump the hour hand independently of GMT hand. But it have a rotating inner bezel that can adjust easily, so you can use it to set your local time when you travel. I have the normal hand set in my country hour zone, the GMT hand in second hour zone is set to Grenwich time zone, and the bezel is adjusted to my current location time zone.

      Rogelio Pittí

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