Where will KonTiki arrive?

Everything is guilty of my watch ADHD. I fulfilled my alleged dream in the form of Orient Star WZ0071DJ and just as quickly this watch pleased my friend from the forum. I stayed with the amount that was to fulfill my next dream watch – Eterna Kontiki. Unfortunately, I was late and the seller only spread his hands. What now? Will my next days look like usual, that is, scrolling through the same pages in search of something that will bring a smile to my face after the package is unbuttoned?

Damn, this Orient Star is cool! On the other hand, I already had a few models with an open balance and I was always bored after a while … This one is limited … Can I see if he has SAR ?! He has! The price is also nice … Hmmm … It costs less than half WZ0071DJ … Okay, I’m taking!

ORIENT STAR RE-DK0001L00B has been with me for about 3 months. Everyone who knows me knows that rarely any watch in my collection can boast a longer period of work πŸ™‚

We met a bit and I think I can introduce him to you.

We will traditionally start with a watch case.



The width of the case without crown is 41.5 mm, and its height is 12.5 mm. With this case size of 12.5 mm it’s a lot, but the thickness is not somehow noticeable. The sides of the case are brushed, and the edges of the lugs, bezel and crown are polished, which gives a beautiful effect. Especially the edges of the lugs and their polished surface in the accompaniment of the brushed surface of the sides and the ears themselves resembles the zaratsu technique, known from the higher line of Seiko watches. The quality of the finish is in this watch at the highest level. At the third hour there is a crown with an engraved Oriental Star logo. The size of the bracelet between the lugs was designed at 21 mm, similar to the OS Star Seeker, which optically enlarges the case slightly and does not get lost on my 19.5-centimeter wrist. The rear part of the watch is closed by a see through case back, on the circumference of which we can find information on waterproofness, country of origin and reference number, and the limit number. My watch has the number 1493/2000.



The width of the bracelet in the ears is the above-mentioned 21 mm. The whole is solidly made; feel it at first contact. It’s brushed, but through its middle links pass two polished lines parallel to each other, which in my opinion fits very well with the polished brushed case. The bracelet is very comfortable in everyday wear. On its clasp is the OS logo. It has micro-adjustment, which allows us to quickly and easily shorten and extend to 1 cm.


Dial, or what took me the most … The colors that I like, i.e. blue and green. They were interestingly combined. They are a bit like the sea. The outer part of the dial is a ring in sea green color, on which the minute scale was printed (every 5 minutes). Below is the right dial. The sunny touch of the blue element makes an amazing impression, changing the color, depending on the source of light. The indices that are on it are done brilliantly, which I already got used to when it comes to the Orient Star brand. Above each index is a dot with a lume that quickly catches the light and we can read the hour in the dark with no problem. A distinctive element among the indices is definitely the Roman twelve, which is gold-plated and introduces an additional flavor to the aforementioned combination of blue and green shield. Like other indices, it is made perfectly, except that its surface is not laser-shaped, only fully polished. Below the index at 12 o’clock is the power reserve indicator. We have here another example of combining sea green with blue. The power reserve tip, like the 12th, is gold, and its center has been filled with a luma.


At 9 o’clock, a large part of the dial occupies a hole through which we can observe the work of balance. The whole has been very nicely finished and does not look cheap, as in some watches. Above 6 o’clock there is the subdial of the second hand. Interestingly, the second hand refers to the mentioned elements from the top of the dial and the way it is gilded. On the right side of the dial is the manufacturer’s logo, which is … Yes, you guessed it! It is gold-plated πŸ™‚ Cutouts in the dial are a lot more. The hour and minute hands are silver, sword type, filled with lumimous mass. The whole makes a really nice impression.

And now the strawberry on the cake … We can see it all through the glass with SAR! The impression is that there is no glass. Multi-level dial, golden accents, an open mechanism and glass with SAR make an amazing impression. Of all the watches I had, this one made the biggest impression on my friends. The impression was also made on Konrad, which you could already get to know because of the love for extremely ugly watches;)


ORIENT caliber 40S62 / 24 stones, hand winding by crown, a stop second second and a power reserve. It beats at 21 600 beats per hour. It can be hand winded from the crwon. It also has a stop-second.

For three months of use, I did not notice any major deviations. They are – / + 5 seconds per day, which can be considered a very good result. I think that it would be even better to adjust it, although for me the deviations are at an acceptable level.


We’ve reached to the end of the review. As you can see, the journey by KonTiki led me once again directly into the arms of the Orient company. A watch bought spontaneously gives me a lot of joy to wear it and it will stay for longer in my collection.



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