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It’s been a long time since anything new appeared in my collection, and if it has appeared, it disappeared so quickly that I didn’t manage to write even a few paragraphs about a given model. Sure each of you knows (or will soon know) the concept of watch ADHD. Sooner or later it touches every watch collector. I noticed that the symptoms of this are intensifying sinusoidal and let go only for a moment. Then it appear and the man hangs between forums, bazaars and commercial portals, like a cosmonaut between the stars, looking for the one for himself. Being in such a state also I found a literally the star, exactly the Ocean Star – because this is the hero of this review.
Obris Morgan has once surprised me to the point that I have made one of this company’s models, the first review in my life. You will find it, of course, on our blog, and on the KMZiZ forum. There is some chemistry between me and the watches of this brand; searching for another watch for the collection ended with the purchase of a new model from this company, the SeaStar. I got to it, thanks to Facebook, where the pre-sale information appeared on the producer’s website. I had a big dilemma related to the colors and choice of glass (you can choose flat or doomed). The producer decided to create 11 models for this collection. In connection with the holidays and the mood in which I found myself, I chose the model with the most colors. Strangely enough Konrad, who likes quite boring watches, praised my choice and said he would choose the same one. Let’s move to a short review.
I present you Obris Morgan Seastar!


In a solidly made orange suitcase, the following are hidden:
– mesh bracelet
– card with the date of the test, name of the movement, type of anti-shock system, etc …
– guarantee card,
– a cloth
– original belt.
The set is similar to the one I got when I bought the previous model – Infinity. It seems that it has become a nice standard of this producer.


SeaStar’s case is a refer to divers’ watches that were produced in the 1960s. The producer gives the same information about it. It is completely brushed, which gives a bit of a harsh climate. The cuts are very good quality.

The size of the case was designed to be 40,5mm without crown, which is to add a vintage taste. For me, the ideal size would be 42-43mm, but if it has to be vintage, it could not be otherwise. Well, at least it’s not 38mm 😉 What is characteristic in this model, it’s its lugs. They are quite long…very long (50mm), thanks to which the watch doesn’tt look small on my almost 20 cm wrist. They are slightly folded down, so the casee fits well on the wrist.

An additional advantage may be the height of the case, which is only 11.20 mm. This is the size that will allow you to wear a watch to your shirt, which is not obvious for divers. The width for the strap, bracelet, is 20mm, which seems a reasonable solution if we take into account the size of the case. The lugs are quite sharp on the inside, so they can be used for self-defense or cutting bread.
Curved crowns look interesting at the “3” and “4” hours. This from the level of three o’clock, it’s responsible for setting time and date, and the bottom one is a helium valve. Both are signed – the upper logo of the “S” model, and the lower “He”, i.e. the helium name from the Mendeleev table. Watch makers have accustomed us to mount helium valves on the other side of the case. Here the manufacturer, wanting to refer to the produced compressors from the 60’, decided to settle it on the same side. After unscrewing both crowns, I don’t feel slack, which is not obvious, even in more expensive watches.

At nine o’clock there is a edging that is most visible when we look at it from the side; looking from the top, it can barely be seen under the bezel.

The front part is a ceramic bezel with graduation, filled with a luminous mass. Bezel works with the ideal resistance that reminds me of the one from Straton Syncro, or from the Seiko Turtle Save The Ocean. I will just add that his work is better than that of Obris Infinity. Inside the bezel is a polygonal telescope, supporting sapphire glass with a strong, internal AR.

From the bottom, the cse is closed by a screwed steel case back, engraved with a star, which refers directly to the name of the watch. The engraving is quite rough in my opinion, which you don’t feel on the wrist, but after removing the watch from the wrist and touching the engraved part with your finger, the feeling is strange and uncomfortable.


In the set we get a mesh bracelet and a rubber strap, the structure of which resembles an old, rotten rubber. Of course, the treatment was intentional and has even more to boost the vintage vibe in this model. The manufacturer’s straps often appear on sale and are desirable because of their durability and quality. The “ladder” straps have already become famous, which can be purchased on the producer’s website and on eBay.

You probably guessed that I had no dilemma regarding the establishment of a belt or a bracelet 🙂 I am a bracelet maniac, so the choice was obvious to me.
As a rule, this type of bracelet is comfortable, but it’s not always convenient to go with quality. It’s really good here, although it’s not as good as the Poltora Globtrotter bracelet or the Longines Legend Diver. This is influenced by the suspiciously low weight of this bracelet. Although it looks very good, it is lightweight, as if it were made of aluminum. This is my subjective feeling. Some will take it for

Regulation was very well designed. We have 4 movable elements here, which we can remove or add, which we need a device from the box. Added to this is micro-adjustment on the clasp. The clasp is two-stage, which ensures comfort and safety even in difficult conditions.


Here, the manufacturer gives us a lot of opportunities. Despite the 11 configurations mentioned, we can assemble the watch according to your preferences. You can choose the colors of the dial, the type of glass (convex, flat), colors of hands, etc …
I chose the most colorful model that was available on offer.
dial is divided into two circles. The inner one is black. Black is deep, polished, which means that you can see at a certain angle, reflected of the hands. On this surface, the manufacturer’s name is above the axis of the hands, and below the axis the name of the model, water-resistant class and type of movement. Some may have a proverbial headache associated with the number of writings on the dial. It doesn’t bother me, on the contrary! I like this!

The outer part of the dial is the color of sea green. It has been made in sunburst technology, which shimmers amazingly, depending on the source and the angle of incidence of light. On a cloudy day it looks like it was black; for it in the sunshine or under artificial light, the dial shimmers beautiful color. On the outer circle, sandblasted indices are found – every 5 minutes, filled with Superluminova, second scale and timestamp window. In addition, yellow markers are printed over the overlapped indices, which bring a little “summer” accent to the watch. All elements, including hands, are very well made and there is nothing to attach to. Luma on indices, bezel and hands is the same. It shines quite intensively after exposure, and after 10 minutes, the lighting becomes weaker, but it will not be a problem to read the hours onthe morning, even with blinds lowered till the end.


The watch is powered by well known Miyota 9015. This is one of the better, widely available Japanese mechanisms. The balance works at 28800 beats per hour. It is often compared to the ETA 2824-2 movement, and by some referred to as better, due to the lower height of the Miyota and a longer power reserve – 42h (ETA – 38h). The movemnt is also more “fit” than the legendary ETA, so the watch’s cases can be quite flat. The movement is well adjusted. It is worth mentioning that it undergoes control and is regulated during assembly in an case, which is not always clear in the case of microbrands as well as larger producers.


The watch has been with me for two weeks. I was afraid of its dimensions, because I have a fairly large wrist and the other watches in my collection are 42mm and more. Here we are dealing with a bezel that visually reduces every watch; probably everyone will agree with me that the size of the case and the width of the lugs will influence the reception of the watch size.
Seastar, thanks to the length and small thickness of the
case, made this watch universal. It will fit perfectly on the wrists 16-21 cm. I don’t understand the production of divers with a 38mm case width today. For me, those watches are leprechauns.
The manufacturer referred to the style of the 60’s, but more created a hybrid that combines the mentioned time
s with modernity. This is a big plus, because in the sixties bezel with a ceramic insert was a rarity, and if it happened, it was in the models of the best producers. The problem in those times was also the obtaining of such effects on the dial, which we deal with in modern watches.
If you are looking for a universal watch, which refers explicitly to past times, and you care about the quality of workmanship and spectacular
dial, then Obris Morgan Seastar is the one for you.


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