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The first was WOW!

It began with a certain post in the one of the facebook groups. Browsing the internet on the phone during a break from work and suddenly a boom! I do not remember when the photo of the watch made such an impression on me. I tried to search for more information about him, but I found almost nothing.
It was autumn 2017 …

Winter 2017.
A colleague from one of the group  writes that he has a great watch to sell; he send me the picture and it appears again. Emotions revive, the heart begins to beat faster … Unfortunately, this is the post-holiday period, I’m broke. To this Kris announces that the watch has already been almost  sold to a friend.
Well, I think … Maybe someday …

Spring 2018.

There are money  for the watch. I am looking, I am sitting, I am browsing forums, websites … Suddenly I remembered about a beautiful, beautiful diver . I’m looking in online stores, on the producer website and nothing …
At one point, I ran into OBRIS MORGAN in the search engine of my beloved forum. And suddenly, to my surprise, it shows me a sale post. Not updated for many weeks. I wrote to Artur and it turned out that he lives 50 km away from me. Without thinking for a long time, I went to him and here I was the owner of one of three hundred pieces of the watch, which, as it turned out, charme not only me.
Obris Morgan Infinity , because I’m talking about it here, sold himself at a really fast speed; 300 pieces of this model sold out in few minutes.
The watch was produced by Obris Morgan. It has its headquarters in Hong Kong. It is a microbrand , launching 1-2 models a year, in a relatively small amount. The watches of this company are characterized by excellent quality, at a very good price. It was no different in this case.

I invite you to read  this short review.


Here, briefly. In a very cool orange suitcase, hiding:
– card with the date of the test, name of the movement, type of anti-shock system, etc …
– guarantee card ,
– a cloth,
– a screwdriver to change and shorten the bracelet,
– the original “ladder” rubber strap


Let’s start with the Infinity’s case. It is completely brushed. Its width is 43mm without crown and the length is 50mm. The height, along with the bezel is 14.5mm . It was designed to give the impression of being very industrial and I think that this effect was achieved in one hundred percent. The whole seen from above fills the sapphire bezel with interesting, wide cuts, which beautifully harmonizes with the sharp finishes of the case. 120 – click bezel rotates with a large resistance in one direction. Under its sapphire layer there are printed indices filled with Superluminova BGW-9.

The fairly protruding crown harmonizes with the 22mm wide visible lugs. It is also completely brushed. At the top you will find the Infinity model logo , which are two triangles inverse to each other. The crown is screwed down, thanks to which the water resistance of the watch is 300m.
Honestly, I had a few watches with screw down crowns and they seemed to be loose when they were unscrewed. In this case it is completely different.
After unscrewing the crown, the whole is stiff and there is no even slightest loose.

On the opposite side of the crown there is a helium valve.
By the way, has anyone ever used it?
The whole watch is closed with a case back that informs us about the waterproof class, the movement and, of course, who produced it. In its very center there is a company logo referring to the diving DNA of its watches.


What the designers of this company did is a real masterpiece … The bracelet fits well with the case. Together, they look like an inseparable element. Its endlinks are like an extension of the case. I was also impressed by the finish of the clasp, which was decorated with pearlescence .

We can make the bracelet by hand shorten and lengthen with a screwdriver, which we get in the set, or using a special reserve of the bracelet, which is operated by pressing the special buttons on the clasp. It gives us room for maneuver about 2 cm of adjustment. This is an option that will also allow you to easily insert the watch into the sleeve of the diving suit. At the bottom, between the buttons we will find another Obris Morgan logo .


The whole bracelet looks very solidly made.



The watch’s dial is made using the sunburst  method. Its gray shade changes with the light that falls on it.
Nn its upper part is inscription OBRIS MORGAN MECHANICAL.

Below the direction of the hands you will find information that the watch is waterproof up to 1000 ft / 300meters, and that the movement is protected against the impact of the magnetic field.



At the third hour there is a time stamp. White numbers on a black background are perfectly arranged in the window.


The indices on the dial are printed with a thick layer of Superluminova BGW-9, which luminance is blue, just like indices on the bezel . Lume shines intensively, long enough to be able to read an hour in a dark room without a problem in the morning.


The hands are simple, perfectly matching the whole concept of the watch. In my model, the minute hand is blue, which nicely  fits the gray shade of the dial.
An additional feast is the second hand arrowhead that is orange, but that’s not all; on the other end there is a much smaller element, this time in the color of the minute hand.

All listed elements are covered with Superluminowa BGW-9.



The heart of the watch is ETA 2824-2 in the Elabore version , with the Novodiac anti-shock system .
The movement is very well adjusted. I have not noticed any time deviation until this review, and I have had it for almost a month.


Some will take this review as a hymn of praise. Perhaps this is the case, but I really do not see the weaknesses of this watch. And to be honest, I was afraid that before I saw him live, the spell would vanish due to the quality of workmanship. It turned out that I loved it completely, like in the autumn of 2017, and maybe even more than when I saw him in the picture for the first time. The watch, despite its weight – 220 grams, is sensational.
Here’s a short history of the WOW effect I wish you a whole lot of similar stories.



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