There are many watches that appeared in movies on the hand of the actor / actress, however, few watches played such an important role as 2 models of Hamilton in the movie Interstellar. Not wanting to spoil the film I will not mention what exactly is going on, people who saw it will definitely remember 😊

As I mentioned, there were 2 watches, one of them was a model produced in 10 copies specifically for the needs of the film, which in practice was a combination of 2 other models – a dial from the Khaki Field Pioneer model and an case from the standard khaki field model.

This watch was produced by Hamilton only 5 years after the premiere of the movie (some no longer believed that it would ever be on sale, I even saw watches made by the fans of the movie from the two above-mentioned models) and it is a faithful representation of the watch that Murph got from her father. Because the watch has already been baptized in various watch forums around the world with the name Hamilton Murph, Hamilton kind of listened to his customers, and simply called this model a “Khaki Field Murph” 😊

The second watch we could see in the movie was already available for sale at this time and this model name is Khaki Pilot Day Date. This watch was worn by Cooper played by Matthew McConaughey throughout the whole movie and although its role in the movie is smaller, it still has an extra flavor off the screen …

Just such a watch with the inscription engraved on the case back “This is no time for caution” (reference to the film, unites the same title also bears one of the songs composed for the movie), Christopher Nolan gave to Hans Zimmer, who was the creator of the soundtrack for the Interstellar movie. Hans Zimmer says this in one of the interviews given during the premiere of the movie, he also has this watch on his hand then.
(at 1:25)

It just so happens that I own both of these watches, and today’s review will concern the second model, which has been colloquially called Hamilton Interstellar since 2014 😊
that’s how the watches looked in the movie:

And this is what my copies look like:


A black box trimmed with eco leather in which the watch is placed on a pillow. I would say that this is the standard in which we receive Swiss made watches from this price group.


The watch has been designed to look visually larger than it actually is. We have here a case with a width of 42mm and length  lug2lug is 48mm, while the thickness of the watch is 12mm. One of the elements for which Hamilton watches are very valuable for me is their case thickness while maintaining 100m water resistance. Here, in a watch with a wr 100 and a double date, we have a case with a height of 12mm, the Murph model has, for example, only 11mm – it has a very positive effect on the comfort of wearing these watches. Returning to size, what makes the watch seem larger is the distance between the lugs – the width between them is only 20mm, which in the case of 42mm width case is definitely not standard. In this way we managed to get the effect of a large watch, which the pilot should undoubtedly be, with at the same time dimensions friendly to average wrists. On my 18cm wrist lies great, nothing sticks out, and there is still a lot of supply, so I think that the watch could easily be worn by people with wrists even from 16cm 😊

The sides of the case are brushed, as is the upper surface of the lugs. The case has an additional, polished surface at an angle to the sides of the case, which begins at the transition of the lugs and runs along the entire block of the case. My copy is already quite heavily used but still you can see that the quality of the cut, as befits a Hamilton, is at a high level. When we look at the case from the side, we also see a polished bezel that clearly stands out from the case, so that there is no doubt that it is a separate element. The logged crown is not screwed down, it’s small for an aviation style watch, but not so much that it is difficult to handle. It goes well with the whole design of this watch.

Looking from the front, we see that the bezel is narrow and placed slightly inside the case, so that on its sides you can still see a small section of the case itself. Lugs are relatively short (especially considering how long lugs Hamilton uses to use in Khaki watches) and strongly bent downwards. All this means that the watch, apart from the larger one, also looks rounder … the case was created to be invisible … to avoid it with your eyes and direct it to the most important part of the watch for the pilots – the dial. And the designers of the watch succeeded it in 100%, the dial in this watch looks almost enormous, despite the fact that the case has a crown guard at the side.
This is the whole stylistic procedure, starting from the proportion to the type of cuts used – just applauding!

To illustrate how it looks in practice, just put both watches from the Interstellar movie next to each other. Would you believe that Pilot Day Date is actually smaller than Murph? (Pilot 42mm wide and 48mm long and Murph 42mm wide and 52mm long)



This is the most interesting element of this watch … despite the fact that it undoubtedly refers to the classic style of pilot type watches (the so-called B-UHR), it is also completely different, unique. So here we have a triple system of markings – external minute indexes in the form of dashes. Middle marks every 5 minutes in the form of Arabic numerals and an inner circle with hour and minute marks, of course, the main index of the 12 o’clock is a triangle. What distinguishes this Hamilton from hundreds of watches in this style are indices with markings every 5 minutes and index of 12 hours – in this model instead of the standard ones covered with luma, we have imposed steel indices, whose surface is vertically grooved. Thanks to this, they glisten in the sun when we turn the watch at the right angle.

In addition, unlike standard pilot watches, there is a long window with the full weekday name under the 12 o’clock index. These are black inscriptions on a white background, I would normally complain about such a solution, but in this model such a distinctive date stamp only adds character and originality. The dial itself is black and has a light sunburst effect.

The hands are as original as the dial – they are all silver too. Minute and hourly have the shape of a sword – minute is obviously longer and hourly is shorter. However, both are partly skeletal and partly filled with luminescent mass. The minute hand is skeletonized in half length, to the place where the inner circle with indexes is located, its further part is filled with luminescent mass and the pointer itself reaches half of the minute indices. Hourly, however, for most of its length is filled with luma, to the place where the inner circle with indices is located, while the tip itself is skeletonized in such a way that the indices on the inner circle with hourly indexes can be seen inside this arrowhead. The second hand is simply a very long steel arrow with a long counterweight.

Hamiltons are known for not using anti-reflective coating in the glass of their watches – while in Murph there is certainly no such coating because the watch reflects everything like a mirror, it seems to me that the pilot has some internal anti-reflection. Glass behaves quite well at different angles and it’s much more difficult in this watch to reflect the environment. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t provide such information in the specifications of its watches, so only the guesses remain. The dial, despite the fact that a lot is happening on it, remains extremely readable, to read the time you need just a short look at the watch. This is due to the large size of the indices and the construction of hands, which makes them easy to distinguish.

Lume that is on the indices and hands is poor. Even immediately after exposure it doesn’t impress and quickly weakens even more. There is simply not enough of it in this brand’s watches (Murph has the same problem), microbrands perform much better in this field, even those that cost 1/4 of the price of these Hamilton’s, i.e. such as the Aquatico Blue Angels I reviewed earlier. If someone is looking for a pilot watch that will glow well in the dark, then this Hamilton is definitely not a good choice.

Case back

The case back is glass and you can see a not very beautiful automatic movement through it. It’s good that although the rotor stands out in some way, otherwise it would be really boring. On the metal rim around the glass are engraved standard information about watch. Interestingly, the case back is screwed on 4 screws, and all this while keeping wr at 100m … not bad.


There are several versions of this watch, older copies have different movements than newer ones. My watch is from 2019 and has been equipped with a H40 movement, i.e. a modification of the ETA2824 which by reducing the operating frequency (from 28800/ h to 21600/h) and another spring allows you to get 80h of power reserve … it’s more than 3 days. Hamilton advertises this movement as “you can put it off on Friday and it will still work on Monday” and there is something in it, because when other watches in the box would have stopped long ago, both Hamiltons still work and wait until I put them on my hand, without doing any additional activity. Both of my Hamilton’s (and all others Hamilton’s I’ve had before) work extremely precisely with deviations below 3s per day.
Interesting fact – despite the use of the same movement, in the Murph model ticking can be heard very loudly, as in old watches, even from a distance of 1m, while in the pilot one you need to put your ear almost to the case to hear something. This effect is due to the difference in the design of the case, case back, glass, etc.


I had high expectations for the bracelet, because before I bought the watch I read a lot that the bracelet from this model is of great quality … and I was not disappointed at all. The bracelet gives the impression of being very solid and at the same time well balanced, so that the watch lies on the hand like a whole, rather than 2 separate elements (case and bracelet), i.e. there is no feeling that the case is heavier than the bracelet and pulls it along during the movement of the wrist. I really like the look of the bracelet – it’s simple but at the same time, due to the fact that the middle elements are thicker and protrude above the outside, it looks very original and prestigious.

The bracelet tapers from 20mm at the lugs to 18mm at the fastening, which usually improves wearing comfort. This watch is worn on it very comfortably, it’s probably the most comfortable t watch on a bracelet with links of such a large size that I wore before.
The clasp is a micro-adjusting latch that has the company name engraved on the outside and inside.

The bracelet is simply sensational in every aspect, it perfectly adapts to my wrist.


My watch taste has evolved towards comfort and overall satisfaction with design leaving parameters or quality in second place, that’s why I stopped looking for watches that have the best price / quality ratio in favor of watches that just I like them and I enjoy wearing them – I like this watch a lot, and I enjoy it a lot. I certainly wouldn’t buy it for the declared producer price, nor for the prices at which these watches are sold as new …

However, for the amount of approx. PLN 2,300, for which used units are now sold – and for which I bought mine- I believe that this is one of the best contemporary interpretations of an pilot watch. Given the movie connections, this model has a predisposition to become a cult, even more than the Murph model created especially for the movie.


p.s. and some more Murph photos 🙂

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