Automatic chronograph – this is one of the most often entered by me phrases in the search engine auction portals and more. I click … I see a blue dial and an case with very casual outlines. Header calls to me Bulova Accu Swiss Tellaro 63C121 Automatic chronograph. I enter the link, because the price is sensational … I’m browsing … Sparks …

Yes, this watch will be mine.

It’s been half a year, the rotation has been going on all the time and suddenly, in a certain group, this model appeared to me, at a very good price. Do not hesitating for long i looked at my watch collection and sacrificed the green Deep Blue Pro Aqua.

Yes, the impulse was strong, considering that Deep Blue was “keeper” for me 🙂

After a few days, my cousin brought me a heavy, shit box from Krakow … And what was in it … You will find out from my review.


From the outside, a simple box of white cardboard. After removing the lid, you can see that the manufacturer did not save on the packaging. It’s thick, heavy and gives the impression of being extremely solid. The top is signed with Bulova Accu-Swiss. The whole is varnished and very well finished, so you can unscrupulous put them on the dresser. The interior is lined with imitation of leather.

The case:

What draws attention is  the attempting to maintain symmetry on both sides. The case looks quite thick, due to the rather pronounced polished bezel. The height of the case is a lot, as much as 15 mm. The sides of the case are brushed, but their profiled notches are polished on the edges. The same can be seen on the top of lugs.

On the right side of the 42 millimeter case there are chronograph pushers. Looking from the top they are brushed, while when we look at the watch from the side we see their polished surface. In my opinion, it fits very well with the whole concept of the case. Between the buttons there is a crown with the Bulova logo. An interesting solution is a half-circle milled shallowly under the crown, which is designed to facilitate the setting of time and date by pulling the crown.

The bottom of the case is polished, except the center of the caseback. The caseback is full, fixed with six screws, which can only be unscrewed with a special screwdriver. We can read information about the model, serial number, type of glass used, country of production, water resistance and material from which the case is made.


We observe the dial through flat sapphire glass. An interesting thing about this watch is that the manufacturer used here sapphire glass with an internal anti-reflective in color … green. Honestly, I first time met with this anti-reflective shade.

I tried to show it in the pictures, although this effect is extremely difficult to photograph. Green anti-reflection affects the perception of the color of the dial, which mainly looks intensely blue, but at certain angles it seems to be navy blue.

The dial has a sunburst effect, which only adds to its charm in full sun. It has 3 totalizators. The first, on the left is a second hand, with a scale divided into 4 parts. It looks very minimalist. In the upper part of the dial there is a subdial with a 30 minute scale, and the lower part is 12 hours chronograph subdial. The hands of the three mentioned subdials are steel, polished and they all look the same. The chronograph’s second hand is white, which contrasts with the intensively blue dial. The main hands of the watch, meaning minute and hour hands, looks like elongated leaves. They are filled with lumiscent mass. Honestly, I would prefer simple, straight hands here.

The date window is on the right side of the cyberflate, at the height of the crown. We will read the day of the week and month thanks to it. The above inscribed is Bulova Accu-Swiss, and below is Automatic. Around the dial, we find two scales – second and tachymetric.


Workmanship of the bracelet is at a high level. Although I am a supporter of 3-part links, here I have nothing to complain about. Two side ones – the outer links are brushed and the middle one is polished. They of course refer to the appearance of the case. The width of the lugs is 22mm, while the clasp is 20mm. For a long time I thought that it was not tapered. While writing this review I checked the technician and it turned out that it was actually narrowed towards a solid clasp. It does not have micro-adjustment, but we have links of different length, so we can match the bracelet to the circumference of the wrist.



The heart of the watch is the well-known and well-liked Valjoux 7750. It is quite thick and heavy movement, hence the 16mm height of the case and the weight of the entire watch, amounting to 220 grams. The V7750 works without any problems, and its time deviations are at the level of 5 s + / 24h.



Bulova Tellaro is a watch whose design and workmanship is at a really high level. This watch does not pretend to be anything, it has its own unique look. If I had to mention what I would change in it, it will be two things: the height of the case and the minute and hour hand (but that’s just my feelings). The price is certainly a plus, but not in Poland, which is over PLN 8,000. The watch often appears on eBay, and its price there oscillates between 2000-3000 PLN. I think that for a Swiss watch of a popular company with a great history in the history of watchmaking – in addition to a very good movement – the price is simply sensational.



  1. Like I said in my previous post every vintage watch I own that is either a Acutron or AccuSwiss all work perfectly and that is because When BULOVA was just Bulova and not part of another company that I won’t name because In my opinion all the watches made now are all junk the true watch make from past is a thing of the past as is quality watches.. If you haven’t noticed that almost all watches are alike and have no real personally of there own and with all the extra features that are put into them that 99% of people don’t need or use or understand fail to work… What happened to just the basics the stuff that has worked for years? It’s like why fix something that isn’t broke.. GET BACK TO THE BASICS PEOPLE….

  2. I’m a collector of BULOVA Watches and have a few AccuSwiss watches and even have one that’s a preproduction that is from the start of the AccuSwiss collaboration and would like to find a more experienced collector then myself authenticate it because I was told that I would be worth a unknown amount if verified that it is legitimately that. I also want to say that Tellaro is a very beautiful watch but I honestly believe the vintage quality is far superior to today’s. Real watch makers are becoming a thing that is a lost art.

  3. I have 10 Bulova watches, and all of them work flawlessly. Including my 1961 Spaceview. It’s a beautiful watch, maybe you are pressing the wrong buttons. That has happened to me.

    James Malenfant
  4. Yes, it is a beautiful time piece. My wife bought the Bulova Accu Swiss Tellaro 63C121 Automatic for me as a Christmas gift in 2017. The watch worked perfectly for a couple of months. When it quit, I returned it to Bulova as instructed on the web site. I got it back in a few weeks and it was still not working. Once again, I returned the watch after receiving personalized emails from a customer service representative at Bulova. I got the watch back, once again, yesterday. It still does not work. It may be gorgeous but if it doesn’t work, what good is it?

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