When we came to the festival on the second day, it turned out that we only had to see a few exhibitor stands … and it was good, because there was less time, and the exhibitors after the party which took place the day before, moved more slowly and seemed very tired 😉
This is the last part of our series about Aurochronos, the shortest in terms of the amount of text, but as extensive as the previous in terms of posted photos. Thank you to everyone who has read all the sections … and all those who have read at least one, because the number of readers is a reward for our work, which we put into each article.

I would like to sum up our trip with one wise opinion, but what we have seen and experienced during these two intense days cannot be described in words. Having a blog about watches gives you certain privileges, and one of them is the opportunity to go deeper into the world of watch manufacturers and get to know this industry better than others…from the inside. The most important lesson for us was to realize that behind every watch is a man full of passion, for whom watches are more than just jewelry. This passion was seen in the eyes of every exhibitor we visited during the festiwal.

Fine Watches Berlin

This is a young brand, which was founded in 2019, the owner is Wilfried Liefer and his daughter Mia-Phyllis Liefer. Wilfried ran a jewelry store for years, and then 2 years ago decided to sell it to raise funds to realize his biggest dream, which was to create his own watch. He began to design models and for now he managed to produce one model in several colors. Soon, there will also be a color version for one of the charities. Interestingly, the watches are equipped with Japanese Miyota 8218 movements, this movement was chosen because of the location of a small second hand and because it’s not very beautiful, it was engraved and decorated. This is the second company in the world that decided to embellish this movement and I must admit that the obtained effect made a positive impression on me.
In the near future, Wilfried plans to prepare a model with a manual winding movement and a 38mm case width.
The price of FWB watches is around 700 Euro.


Dumet is a combination of the words “durable” and “metal”. All watches produced by this distinctive man are made of titanium. A colleague of the brand owner in 2014 challenged him that he wouldn’t create a watch made of titanium, and he took this challenge seriously and set to work. He met people who create watches and worked for other watch companies to finally create his first watch.
At the moment there are 3 models on sale – one dresswatch, a durable watch and a field watch. They are all made of titanium and are equipped with an automatic STP11 movement.
Importantly, everything except the movement and glass is done by him personally.
The brand owner designed and built a CNC machine with which he can create cases,crowns, hands, and dials. Although I personally didn’t like the watches visually, the fact that someone is able to make titanium cases by himself made a great impression on me.


The manufacturer from Taiwan, unfortunately, surpassed the Polish hospitality and due to the fact that we got to this position only on the second day, he was replaced by a friend from Alfa Flag. We received information that he was resting after the party that had taken place the day before the Aurochronos😊 awards ceremony. We could fortunately watch the watches and take pictures of them. Watches of this microbrand on the dial have an unusual complication – a thermometer.

Filipe Silva

Formerly the brand existed under the name CreaWatch, a year ago the owner changed the name to something that will be simple and at the same time will represent him, i.e. his name and surname 😊
Filipe sells 15 different models of watches, but these watches are not in stock, they are created only at the time of ordering. Filipe also makes unique watches on the clients’ request in accordance with the given requirements. When ordering your watch,you have to wait until the delivery is from 1 to 2 months. All watches are hand-made by Filipe and only Swiss movements are mounted in them.
In its offer Filipe has watches that can easily be called small works of art. We could see and try on watch with a black, skeletonized movement, or a watch with a rotating case like Patek Phillipe. Some of them required over 100 hours of manual engraving.


Gentlemens from the G. Gerlach company know that we will not write a word about them until they invite us to visit us and allow us to write a separate article about them. So we just talked to them nicely and took pictures of the latest models and those that we would like to have in our collection.


Finally, we would like to show you pictures of watches from companies that we didn’t write about in any part, but which could be seen on Aurochronos thanks to the official Polish distributors who also exhibited there.

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